Call for Application: Japanese Government Scholarship Program for 2023 (Research Students)

The Government of Japan (Monbu-Kagaku-Sho: MEXT) offers scholarships for postgraduate studies for Syrian nationals under 35 years old (born on or after 2 April 1988). The Application Guidelines and the Application forms are available from here.

Applicants are allowed to take the written exam at the Embassy to which applicants submitted the necessary documents if she/he passes the document screening. Only successful candidates will be informed with further details of the written exam and the interview by the mid of June 2022.
The selection process might be suspended or canceled at any time, depending on the situation of the spread of COVID-19.
Minimum Qualifications and Conditions:
 - Syrian Nationals including Palestinian-Syrians
 - Holders of Bachelor degree with a minimum average point on 70% (including graduates of academic year 2021/2022)
 - Under the age of 35 (born on or after 2 April 1988)
 - Fluent in English or in Japanese
It is essential to read the Application Guidelines in English or in Japanese before submitting the necessary documents. It is strongly encouraged to use the check sheet in preparing documents. Applicants must submit a copy of an official document that proves the applicant’s Syrian nationality, such as a copy of the applicant’s passport (pages of the photograph, the date of birth, and the expiration date) or applicant’s ID card. Please note that a health certificate can be submitted after passing the written exam.

Application deadline

All the necessary documents must be sent in advance via email and received by 4 pm on 27th May 2022 at one of the following Embassies, depending on the location where you would like to take the written exam. Please be reminded that all application documents must be sent in PDF format in a single email. The file size should be less than 9MB. Please re-send the application if you don’t receive a confirmation email from the embassy within 3 working days after the submission.
Those who wish to take the written exam in Beirut or Damascus MUST send their application to And those who wish to take the written exam in Ankara MUST send their application to
※Please be reminded that the candidates who successfully have passed the written exam and the interview will be asked to send the original of the Application forms via post (the documents submitted to the Embassy will not be returned).


If you have any questions, please contact